Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

E-Reader bible site

A couple weeks back I set up a site that hosts the public domain bibles I've converted to epub for people with e-reader devices.

So far I've had 806 downloads, which I think is pretty impressive, they are distributed as like this:

17 /files/ub-CNCVS.epub
149 /files/ub-EASV.epub
75 /files/ub-EBEB.epub
1 /files/ub-edv.epub
37 /files/ub-EDV.epub
2 /files/ub-ekjv.epub
133 /files/ub-EKJV.epub
1 /files/ub-ewb.epub
32 /files/ub-EWB.epub
2 /files/ub-eweb.epub
76 /files/ub-EWEB.epub
1 /files/ub-ewnt.epub
28 /files/ub-EWNT.epub
1 /files/ub-eylt.epub
37 /files/ub-EYLT.epub
18 /files/ub-FLS.epub
23 /files/ub-GNTBMT.epub
19 /files/ub-GNTTR.epub
25 /files/ub-GNTWHUBS.epub
26 /files/ub-KJVGBM.epub
21 /files/ub-KJVRV.epub
25 /files/ub-KJVTR.epub
30 /files/ub-SRV.epub
16 /files/ub-TADB.epub

I'm surprised that the ASV is the most popular download, I would have thought it would have been the KJV!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sixteen Seconds

I've finally gotten around to getting a designed and working version of my 'micro-prayer' site, Sixteen Seconds.

What's the idea? Well, we all get a few minutes of free time a day, so I thought wouldn't it be great if I could have a list of things that I could pray for during this minutes that was filled with requests from people all over the world? And wouldn't it be great if I could submit my own prayer requests to this place? So I went ahead a made it. It's a lot like twitter, but no signups are needed, and it gives you the requests right there on the front page and a timer.

It also gave me a chance to play with some new tech, like Erlang, which I enjoyed greatly.

Now all I need are some users.